How immigration policies reshaped my life

I recently ran into this article from Quartz, part of a series on the H-1B visa. The question: Can the H-1B visa survive American nationalism?

It made me smile: bitterly.

It brought back many memories. It’s weird, I have never completely realized that the US restrictions on immigration imposed in the last 4 years by the current administration have affected my life and my choices, as well as the life and the choices of many others.

I still remember that day, on November 8th, 2016: I would soon have the courage to quit my job in my home country to…


In today’s culture where everything we do involves data, it’s easy to forget that the ultimate goal of using data is to produce new information that can improve our life with enlightening insights: how we then organize and translate that information to make it consumable is an essential part of the goal.

Especially in today's AI-driven world, we desperately need to discern among the amount of information that is being continuously generated by automated tools and algorithms. Therefore, it is more and more crucial to reimagine the ways we use data and the strategies we employ to transform it into…

Data Viz-driven AI Strategy: Vision of the long term road map.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming the Holy Grail of the business world and companies big and small should embrace it to avoid falling behind in this competitive age ruled by tremendous technological changes. AI presents an opportunity for industries to rethink how they use data in a way that can transform and innovate their work.

View from the skiing slopes on the Dolomites ⛷— Northern Italy.

I want to close up my 2019 and start the new year with the image of this beautiful pink sky that I’m staring at. Here, the view from the skiing slopes on the majestic Dolomites is breathtaking.

🌎✈️ Since the beginning of the year I took 54 flights, visited 15 countries and I don’t know exactly how many times I packed and unpacked my baggage. It’s weird: somehow, though I did not expect it exactly in this way, in 2019 I have started to pave the way toward the life I have always wanted to live.

It took me a…

When Data Meet Fashion

Data lie in every aspect of our daily life, even in what we wear; this is why I used data coming from the world of fashion to tell people the story of what is happening to our mother Earth because of our clothes.

These labels –all coming from my own clothes– were the first source I used when I first started collecting data on the environmental impact caused by the most produced fabrics.

I have been always interested in data and the way they serve journalism. That is why I chose to focus my Journalism Master’s thesis on a data journalism project that involves data visualizations and data-driven interactives. Yet my main intention was to create content that connects people with data they encounter in their daily life –data that they often do not pay attention to­– and reveal them the information hidden in those data. During the fall of 2017, while studying and research on data journalism as M.A. …

Wenjia Wang is a 24-year-old graduate student enrolled in the Data Informatics program at USC Viterbi School of Engineering. When we first talked she seemed very excited to start a collaboration with us: three graduate journalism students studying at USC Annenebrg School of Communication and Journalism. We will be working together for the whole semester for a course merging USC engineering students with the USC journalism ones. The idea of combining such different backgrounds is very intriguing, and Wenjia agrees.

Mara Pometti

Data Strategist IBM. “The most valuable commodity in business today, if people would only recognize it, is enthusiasm” –R.J.

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